Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 11, 2013

Mangandag Umaga Everyone! That means good morning!
So the first day at the MTC was sooo great! i think that the hardest part of the day was walking away from my family...i remember the look and tears on mom's face! there should be a better way...that was so sad! when i first got to class My teacher (Sister Watkins) only spoke Tagalog to us! and she still only speaks Tagalog to us! i was kind of expecting that so it wasn't overwhelming. Sister Watkins is so loving and kind and she has so much patience! she loves all of us and that means so much to me esspecially when she can tell that i am frustrated from not understanding something.
   I had no reason to be nervous though on the first day. My emotions have definitely been going up and down. mostly up! so that is so good! i am so grateful for the comfort the lord has given me! The food at the MTC is mostly great...i have figured out that it depends on what i eat...but there are a lot of options so its not bad at all! Zach told me to stay away from the orange juice? i haven't tried it yet! Haha i am too scared! I think that the salad wraps are my favorite!
   So about my district. We are District 16D! there are 6 sisters and 4 elders! All of the sisters are going to Baguio and the Elders are going to a different mission that i don't know how to spell...or say! haha my sisters names are Sister Hansen, she is from California, she is really sweet and sooo thoughtful! Sister Tongo is from California, she is so loud and so funny! Sister Miller From Pleasant Grove, she is so nice and always had good things to say, Sister Ve'haekiu (van-nay-oocoo) is from Tonga! she is sooo funny! all Tongans are so funny! she laughs A LOT and her laugh makes us all laugh harder! i am so grateful for that! My Kasama (companion) her name is Sister Penjueli! she is from FIJI! how cool is that?? she is a convert of 18 months and she is the only member and missionary in her whole family! she has so much faith. she has been a little bit  home sick and she is still getting used to the American "preservatives" so we have visited the health clinic  a lot... but that is okay! I hope that she gets feeling better soon!
   Our first "investigator" is named Rodrigo Olit! I love him so much! he is so nice! he is all the way from the Philippines and he is in the United States to get surgery for his Diebetes. The first lesson i was so nervous but my Kasama and I decided to pray for the spirit and for kalaskasam (strength) before the lesson. and once again, i was nervous for nothing. Rodrigo doesn't speak and english but he was so patient with us and so nice! we challenged him to read and pray about faith! our second lesson is on Monday so i hope that he reads and prays about faith! i find my self thinking about rodrigo a lot he is great motivation for me to study and do well!
Sometimes i get frustrated here but that is because i want to be perfect so i have to take a step back and realize that it only my 3rd day here! I feel like i have done more in these 3 days than i have in months!
I love the MTC so much! my sisters are amazing and I am surrounded by great and encouraging sisters! I am definitely in my element!
Love you so much! = Mahal Kita!
Thank you for your e-mails and prayers and thoughts! I love to hear from all of you!
Mahal Kita!
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Sister Watkins tells us this all the time: kayo Ninyo ito! it means you can do it! so remember that when life gets hard and you want to quit! :)

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