Saturday, May 18, 2013

Good morning everyone!!
This week has been so great! I feel like i have done more this week then i have in the last 2 years!! We are in class for about 8 hours a day and as terrible as that sounds...its actually pretty great! I love learning Tagalog and i love learning about the Philippines and the Gospel and how to teach it!
We finished teaching Rodrigo and he is "going back home to the Philippines" to talk to the missionaries there and to get baptized with his family! We now have 2 new "investigators"! Angelica who is 15 and Jesus who is married with 5 boys! we are teaching Angleica Monday and Wednesday and Jesus and his 5 boys on Tuesday and Wednesday! I am so excited to get to know them more and to understand their needs and desires! I already love them! I am so excited to teach angelica because of my LOVE for young women! I hope that i can really relate to her!
I have struggled with the concept of teaching. Elder Holland said that you have to be converted your self before you can convert others. So part of my teaching method has become figuring out what i know in order to teach my investigators! I want them to know what i know so bad so i am learning how to put everything into words! Sister Penjueli is really good and figuring out what i am trying to say and i am so grateful for that!
Tagalog is finally starting click for me! "PALA!!" I am still very terrible at speaking it but the structure is making since and what a relief that is! The lord has helped me so much along the way! It is very exhausting but i am getting used to "earning my pillow" at night and i really love the work! Missionary work is so much fun and so rewarding!
I have seen a lot of Elder Fackrell Lately! he told me yesterday that he is leaving on Monday for AZ! I am so excited for him! i know that he will be an incredible missionary! It is fun to see him and say hi to him! 
I also saw Elder Nielson!  I used to play basketball with his older sister sadie! she is on a mission right now too! he just got reassigned to Washington until his visa comes from Argentina!
We got our district leader this week! his name is Elder Smith! he reminds me so much of zach! he always laughs at me and he always has something to say about everything....hahaha he puts up a great argument as well! he also has such a kind heart and such a desire to be a missionary! I love that he reminds me of zach!
(sorry that this e-mail is kind of random...)
While we were at gym time the other day, I was working out with sister Hansen and we always like to go on the elliptical and listen to conference talks and Mormon messages! one of the Mormon messages was from President Monson! he said something that i really liked! You have probably heard it before! "dare to be Mormon, dare to stand alone, dare to have a purpose firm, and dare to make it known!" I love that so much! So to everyone out there: Don't be afraid to testify of what you believe. You don't have to have a mission badge on! Please, bear your testimony as often as you can. Missionary work is about inviting others to come unto Christ. Why would we keep that from anyone! Be Christ like, Love your neighbor, love your enemy and pray for them. If your desires are righteous they will be answered if you pray. So what are you waiting for.
Thank you for your prayers and Love! I feel them everyday!
Mahal Kita!
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