Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 1, 2013

June 1, 2013

Kumusta Everyone!
   I hope that everyone has had a good week! This week at the MTC has been pretty rainy and cold so staying in a classroom all day has proved to be a challenge as far as none of us have very much focus left!
This week we have continued lessons with Jesus and Angelica! They are both completely different investigators as far as spiritual needs go! Angelica always wants us to come back and teach her! I am no sure that she completely understands the lessons (mostly because my Tagalog sounds like gibberish.) but she loves having people that believe in her! so My kasama and i have been trying our hardest to make the lessons as simple as we can! Doesn't that kind of sound like anoxy moron? Haha it is. It take a great focus to make the lessons simple.... for me anyways!
  Then there is Jesus! He is soooo smart! and he loves listening to us and having us tell his boys what they should be doing to be good boys. We taught him how to pray this week and he like that...but when we asked him to say the closing prayer he wouldn't. He also told us that he doesn't really feel like he needs to pray about if the Book of Mormon is true...he says "well what you tell me is good, so why wouldn't it be true?" I guess that is how a lot of Filipinos are...Hindi KoAlam. hopefully this week we will be able to truly teach him about our purpose and about the Doctrine of Christ. Hopefully he feels the spirit enough to get up and do something about it! :) I am excited for him and his family to gain a testimony of The Book of Mormon and of the Gospel!
   One of the first things we learned about Learning a language is that it is NOT a gradual up hill learning is more of a very up and down, bumpy, crazy up hill scale...! (so picture in your mind and very squiqally line going up hill!) at times i feel like i am an expert but this week has been more of a "wow, i know nothing about this language" week! I have to remember that when we teach it is more about having the spirit with us than how much language we know. So i have to always remember that. One thing we are encouraged to do at the MTC is SYL! (speak your language!) I am really good at the words "Hi! how are you? can i go to the bathroom? I am doing good. can you please repeat that and slow down? slow down please. Thank you! good morning. Good night! I love you!" and i think that is about it! hahaha sometimes it is really hard but when i finally figure it out i say "PALA!" which means a sudden realization of something!
This week Craig Zwick from the 70 spoke to us in the Tuesday night devotional! he taught something that i really admired! He called it the 6 ways to develop Christ like Attributes! (his construction company builds temples so he also uses these 6 steps in building.) 
1. Start with the end in mind. 
2. Strong desire and commitment 
3. Willingness and discipline to work hard. 
4. Prepare for challenges
5. Structural and spiritual testimony
6. Total Dedication to the Lord.
I love all of these! I think they can apply in so many ways in all of our lives! Especially in missionary work! And i have learned that you have to have ALL of them. Working  on one or two of them just isn't enough. I have learned that Enduring to the end requires us to give our whole heart and soul and ALL OF OUR PATIENCE. We are going to have trials. Everyone does. But that is a part of the Beautiful plan that the Lord has for us!
I love missionary work. I love the spirit here at the MTC! I cannot believe that i only have 15 day left until i am off to the Philippines! I really appreciate the love and support from all of you! I am so grateful for all of you and the great examples you have been to me throughout my life! Thank you for the support you have given my family. It is such a relief to know taht they are in good hands :)
I saw my dear sweet Cousin this week! Sister Ali Walker just got to the MTC! I ran up and gave her a big hug when i saw her! she has such a Strong willingness to serve!
I also saw one of my Friends from high school! Sister Cali May Trunell is going to the Washington DC south mission Spanish speaking! Just right below the mission that Wayne is serving in! It is so funny when i see people that i know! i get sooo excited!
Here's to another fabulous week at the MTC! My district gets to be hosts for all the new missionaries on Wednesday and on Thursday we are skyping with the people in the Philippines for TRC...should be awesome!
Much much love, Sister Sites
Mahal Kita

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  1. Mabuti naman, masaya ako kasi I have read your post. Thanks for your 6 ways to develop our attributes.

    God Bless!

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